world changing Technology

Today only IOT, tomorrow a world changing Technology

Internet has become the product of people. All the data, images, recordings, games, books etc.... all that is created; by people, for people, about people. Internet is one of the most important and transformed technology; ever invented. Today, no people could live without it and getting inside the Internet is like getting inside digital fabric. This word has entered in the life of everyone in one way or another. The Internet of Things is supposed to change the world or we can say there is new Internet merging. New Internet is not about connecting people; it’s about connecting things & so is named IOT. Things can start to share their experience with other things.

How is that work?

Well it works like this, you take things & then you add ability to sense, to communicate, to think & control and then you give opportunities to things to interact & collaborate with other things. Think like this, we as human beings can interact and contribute and collaborate with other people by the meant of 5 senses... yes, Seeing, Smelling, Touch, Taste, Hearing......right! One matching thing, with the ability to sense we people are able to communicate and that's the point where the Internet of People and the Internet of Things intersects.

Let’s have an example:-

How your Smartphone works!
You won’t believe how many sensors your smartphone has, it knows where you are, it knows how you are moving it, it knows how you are holding it, it knows how close it is to your face, it knows what you are saying, and even has an eye so it can see around your surrounding over and all has the ability to communicate in a wireless Network.

But what exactly the IOT devices are:-

In Internet Of Things, thing can be any object having an embedded technology which help them to interact with internal states or external environment, which in turn affects the decisions taken.

Some Top Listed Examples:-

  • Home Automation.
  • Wearable Technology.
  • Medical and Healthcare