Organizational Change

Organizational Change

This second phase is about aligning the structure within your organization to meet the digital roadmap you charted in the previous phase, the structure needed to meet business objectives based on the business model you arrived at. In this phase, we could assist with

Defining the Structure & Governance Model

  • Setting up of the Organizational change management division and drafting the Governance model and policies
  • Discussing and arriving at the composition of a Digital experience team for your enterprise
  • Assistance in setting up the Social Media Cell (if not already present) for aligned sales and support
  • Aligning the Partner Relations team and the sales team with the initiative
  • Drafting the KPIs and Metrics. Methodologies to incentivize the initiative within your enterprise

Re-evaluating Business Processes

  • The relevance of the current business processes within your enterprise may need to be looked at in the context of digitization
  • This may be an opportunity to study the customer journeys and the touch-points in detail, in order to chart the customer experience you intend to provide