Machine Learning

Machine Learning

Our world is gradually evolving to become more technology reliant and one technology which is expected to revolutionize the future is Machine Learning. From Trivial Jobs to Sophisticated Services, everything today is using Machine Learning.

Let's have a simple description of Machine Learning:-

This is world and in this world we have humans & computers and one of the main difference between both is that; human learns from past experiences but computers need to be tell what to do, they need to be programmed and follow instructions. Now the question is; can we get computers to learn from experience too and the answer is “Yes, we can” and it’s obvious that for computers past experience have a name called Data. That’s precisely what Machine Learning is.

More understanding about Machine Learning via example :-

Speech recognition:- Speech recognition is the ability of machine or program to identify words and phrases in spoken language and convert them to a machine-readable format. To make this possible, the algorithms of Machine Learning are used.

Some more Examples of Machine Learning:-

  • Self driving Google car
  • Fraud Detection
  • Health Care
  • Marketing and Sales.