Integration Technology

Do You Have Any Idea What Integration Technology Is?

The first IPAD was released on April 30, 2010 and schools began planning 1:1 IPAD programs the very same year. The implementation of these programs allowed students to save their work digitally, engage in exciting and new learning experiences, access their work from home, conduct research on individual’s tasks.
Also, students have been able to use some pretty cool apps to help them learn. But what if we could do more? ...... And no We don’t mean more apps or more IPADS or even more work. We want our students to unleash their creativity; we want our students to be inspired and to inspire others. We want our students to collaborate with their peers; at school and around the world. We want out students to open up their world and solve problems for all areas of school life.
Let’s make sure that we integrate technology effectively to ensure that our students will become:-

  • Empowered Learner
  • Digital Citizens
  • Knowledge Constructors
  • Innovative Designers
  • Computational Thinkers
  • Creative Communicators
  • Global Collaborators