Gap Analysis And Fitment

Gap Analysis And Fitment

It has always been a challenge for large enterprises to make the best use of their available IT resources. The difference between potential performance and actual performance of their software stack has been a cause of worry for most businesses throughout the world. Gap analysis of this very essential aspect in IT firms often gets deprioritized due to unavoidable deadlines and high priority project deliveries. In Torry Harris, we execute a continued process of operational gap analysis and take steps to bridge these gaps for ourselves and also for our clients. Additionally, we practice a thoroughly clinical process to remedy these gaps with Open Source and bespoke solutions that reduce enterprise spending substantially and help in achieving the desired business results at reduced costs. Here are the key techniques we follow:

Arriving at the ‘status quo’

A dedicated intelligence team for Open Source with the right blend of intelligence, skill and experience evaluates the software stack of the enterprise based on several industry standard parameters and analyzes the desired and current performance of the software. Following which, a thorough introspection of the gap between the current and expected states of the software is done to provide specific factual reports identifying the weaknesses and expenditure.

Bridging the Gaps

On the basis of the study done, we define each and every identified gap and emphasize on intuitive description of the same. We also document the factors responsible for these gaps.

Remedial action

Post analyses, we perform several rounds of software assessments and list out the actions that can be taken to remedy the gaps. Against each action listed, we propose specific Open Source and bespoke solutions that address each of the issues effectively.


The plan is put into action as an iterative process, with effective mitigation techniques for backup and having all risks covered within the enterprise to ensure that there are no application downtimes with no business loss incurred.