Big Data Visualization

Big Data Visualization

Data visualization (from the data interpreted using the ‘Data Analytics’ step) is recognized as being the most effective technique of conveying numeric information in the form of images and graphical data, still maintaining its difference from conventional data representation techniques like maps and graphs. Some out of the myriad we employ are:

Tag cloud :
A weighted visual list of free form text where each word is displayed with varying font, color and emphasis, relative to the results found from data analyses.

Clustergram :
A visualization technique for cluster analysis which proves explanatory when hierarchical and non hierarchical algorithms are applied on big data.

History flow :
A time sequenced snapshots of the various stages of an artifact from the time of its creation.

Spatial Information flow :
This technique depicts spatial information flows diagrammatically. It is the quickest means to determine vicinity to particular locations in reference or the frequency and intensity of flow of information to and from these reference points.