Applying Gamification

Applying Gamification

Some Gamification Scenarios That We Applied

Torry Harris has been applying Gamification in various scenarios for its Enterprise customers. A few examples from our prior experience with applying Game Design and thinking are summarized below:

Gamification Scenario 1:

Working with UK’s second largest mobile operator to train their CSRs (Customer Service Representatives) on a new incident management system, Northcorp Software created a virtual game environment, with a secret agent being assigned to solve a bank robbery crime. The game then guided the CSRs through a series of missions that were linked to specific learning objectives. As against reading through 50 PDF documents, the game made the whole learning process more fun, simple and effective with super-engaged CSRs.

Gamification Scenario 2:

Assisting a large airlines company in gamifying their talent search process, reducing their time-to-market with respect to sourcing the right candidate profiles. The gamified application creates awareness about the job, rewards the applicants and promotes them to the next level based on specified selection criteria and rating mechanism. It keeps the applicants motivated by gamifying the different steps and speeds up the recruitment process.

Gamification Scenario 3:

Gamifying the process of relationship management between the client and the service provider (Northcorp Software in this case!). The individual client managers earned points based on several criteria such as releasing a Purchase Order on time, providing clarifications on a certain topic within timelines, providing the required resources from their team to speed up high-priority projects etc. which enabled them to move up levels and compare with others on a leader-board. We had a fantastically smooth process established and very motivated client managers post this initiative. Over a period of time, newer game elements were introduced to keep the motivation levels high - a very enriching experience for both Northcorp Software and the client.