Application Migration

Application Migration

Inclination of a large portion of enterprises towards cost savings has shifted the focus to Open Source technology, making software migration inevitable across businesses. We in Torry Harris found very specific reasons for enterprises to opt for migration to Open Source software or other bespoke solutions which can fit the bill for business. Few of the key factors are:

  • High maintenance cost posed by primitive IT infrastructure running on commercial software
  • Limited availability of resources with specialized skillsets on old world technologies
  • Dearth of functionality with current software
  • Lack of interoperability among disparate software
  • Lack of agility to incorporate and integrate additional features

  • Although enterprises accept the idea of migration from their old commercial software stacks to Open Source, they are quite uncertain as to where and how one can begin with the process of migration. We engage with clients during this very stage to help them realize if migration is inevitable and if cost benefits are assertive. This includes continuous phases of evaluation of both the old and new software on several industry standard parameters to come to a consensus on why and what needs to be migrated. Prior to application migration, we ensure on achieving performance benchmarking of the migrated software, development of migration specific bespoke solutions and finalizing on precautionary measures to be taken in order to counter the complicacies that might arise due to a change in original and target environments.
    We put into practice certain crucial steps to help rejuvenate existing business systems promising zero downtime. Here are the six key pointers we take into account when embarking on a migration project:

    • Existing Software Assessment
    • Replacement Software Preparation (Open Source or Bespoke solution) including preparation of any Middleware products required to bridge technology gaps.
    • Software Migration
    • Post-migration Testing
    • Post-migration Alterations (if needed)
    • Post-migration support

    Migration of older, inflexible commercial software residing on obsolete infrastructure to Open Source solutions has immensely enhanced productivity and agility of the applications. The migration has also served for protecting the long term investments for our clients thus subsequently reducing the total cost of ownership (TCO) of their IT software stack.